Welcome to ‘The Wright Effect’.

Lindi S Wright is a Glasgow based decorative and scenic artist who has over twenty years experience painting for a broad clientele, privately and commercially particularly within theatre,film and television.

She received an honours degree in 1994 from Edinburgh College of Art where she studied interior design and fine art, particularly focusing on the technical design of theatres and set design.


After graduating she became an apprentice paint effects artist in London, which led her to practising faux artistry techniques in museums, exhibitions, galleries, a recording studio and a nightclub. She also continued to paint sets for various amateur theatre productions. As paint effects work fell out of favour in the late nineties she then went on to serve her apprenticeship as a professional painter and decorator in North London.

Since returning to Scotland in 2004, she has continued to expand her artistic repertoire by working in film and television, most recently scenic artist for ‘Robot Wars ‘ and the BAFTA award winning ‘Tommy’s Honour’. She has also concentrated on improving her decorative arts skills by by being tutored under International Decorative Painters Gert Jan-Nijsse and Shane Ralph, receiving Master Class certificates in marbling and oak wood graining.

Outwith her work, Lindi has always had an ongoing passion for Architectural Ornamentation and Historical Paint Effects. This led on to extensive research into paint techniques, methodology, pigments and historical paint recipes.